Pond Construction

New pond with water works included.

Before starting construction, Mid-Michigan Ponds spends time listening and asking questions to understand what kind of pond our client wants.

We carefully examine the proposed location and often perform soil borings to determine whether the location is suitable for the type of pond desired.

We then design and construct a pond with slopes, depth and other structures that meet the client's objectives. Features that help keep the pond healthy, clean, and reduce maintenance are incorporated into every design

Pond Design

A properly designed and constructed pond will reduce the amount of time and money spent on pond maintenance.

Proper design includes features such as bank slopes and depths that only allow weeds to grow in desirable areas that provide quality habitat for fish. It may include redirecting harmful surface runoff or establishing shallow wetland areas that will help trap nutrients and sediments that would otherwise enter into the pond's ecosystem from a farm tile or other source of runoff.

Strategically located underwater features can dramatically improve fish habitat. In most ponds about 90% of the fish inhabit only 10% of the water. That means almost 90% of the pond's potential is not realized. At Mid-Michigan Ponds we design and construct ponds so that fish can utilize as much of the pond as possible. If you already have a pond, there are many simple ways to improve the fish habitat. Give us a call!

How long does it take to construct a pond?

The answer depends mostly on how large the pond will be. For some ballpark estimates, please contact us for further information.

How much does it cost to construct a pond?

The costs depend on factors such as the area of the pond, the depth of the pond, access to the pond location, and many others. Please contact us to find out more information.