Bio-Maxx Plus (Granular)

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Bio-Maxx Plus is the next generation of high performance pond and lake microbes, enhanced with catalyzing enzyme technology.

Bio-Maxx Plus safely and naturally restores a healthy balance to your pond's ecosystem by metabolizing the excessive organic compounds that cause poor water quality and nuisance algae growth.  It also reduces the buildup of organic sludge that accumulates on the pond bottom.

Bio-Maxx Plus is an extremely potent microbial blend that also contains 23 vitamins found to be essential for successful microbial growth.   Catalyzing enzymes and other bio-stimulants are also added to drive the microbial processes into high gear!

Bio-Maxx Plus uses all natural environmentally friendly ingredients that are safe for people, fish and animals.  You'll see tremendous results while reducing the need for many harsh and sometimes very toxic chemicals.

Sold in a 25# pail consisting of 25-1# water soluble packets.